Redefine Semiconductor Test Engineering

Complete range of semiconductor test services to optimise coverage, cost and quality.

Turn to us for all your semiconductor testing requirements. From simple to complex devices, our services encompass test program development, platform conversions, device characterisation, reliability assessments, and high-volume wafer and package testing. We do it all with deep and proven expertise.


IC Test Design Solutions for Next-Gen Devices

Complete test engineering solutions for simple to complex (SOCs, FPGAs) devices.

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Pattern Conversion

Conversion from VCD, eVCD, STIL to tester patterns

Tester & Equipment Selection icon

Tester & Equipment Selection

Based on product & test requirements

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Design Of Test Methodologies


Hardware Design & Fabrication icon

Hardware Design & Fabrication

Loadboards, probe cards, sockets & pins

Test Development

Test Program Development

New product enabling & stabilisation

Sample Validation

Engineering Sample Validation

Sample size from tens to thousands

High Volume & High Mix Testing icon

High Volume & High Mix Testing

Wafer sort, package test, visual inspection, bake, pack, drop-ship

Manufacturing Improvements icon

Manufacturing Improvements

Tester & multi-site conversion, test time reduction

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Your Smart Factory Automation Solution

Provides the specialised tools you need to make your manufacturing process simpler, smarter, predictable and replicable. ​

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Big Data Analytics

Real-time data analytics for decision making

Smart Equipment icon

Smart Equipment

Know your equipment performance and limitations

Universal Tester Ui icon

Universal Tester UI

Single uniform user interface to tester

Recipe Management icon

Recipe Management

Never use a wrong recipe on any machine ever again

Process Flow Control icon

Process Control

Automatically halt any out-of-control events or anomalies

Hardware Stock Inventory icon

Stock Inventory

Never run short or misplace items again

Knowledge Management icon

Knowledge Management

Always available, updated and compliant knowledge

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Advance Scheduler

Never miss or be late for maintenance or calibration


Enhancing expertise through hands-on application

Theories & concepts taught by industry experts

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A Deeper Peek Into Product and Test Engineering

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I/O Testing, DFT & Design Verification Fundamentals

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Data Analysis for High Volume Manufacturing

organizational chart

BIST, SBFT, SRAM/Cache & Kitchen Sink Algorithms

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Industrial RF Theorems in Testing

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HVM Improvements and Optimisations

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Automatic Test Equipment Based Debugging


Hands-on with Multi-million dollar Tester Equipment