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Experior is Dedicated to Semiconductor Testing

  • Services: One-stop center for development, validation, volume testing, optimisations for new and existing products
  • Customers: Fortune 500 IDMs, tech startups, Design Houses, Fabs and Equipment Providers
  • Experience: 8-25 years’ experience each, gained mainly from our time in various international technology giants
  • Expertise: RF, Analog, Digital, Mixed Signal, complex SOCs and FPGAs on a diversity of tester platforms






25 years of industrial experience.
Expertise in semiconductor test business development, ATE and system level testing.


Business & Marketing

19 years of industrial experience.
Expertise in test operations encompassing planning, process, product and test engineering, system automation, back-end processing, quality assurance, shipping and logistics.



19 years of industrial experience.
Expertise in pre-silicon RTL simulation and test validation, test methodology & test program development on Advantest, Teradyne and Credence tester platforms on RF, microprocessor and FPGA products.


Technology & Training

22 years of industrial experience.
Expertise in AI development and system/process automation for smart equipment and factories.


Information Technology

29 years of industrial experience.
Expertise in corporate finance, corporate development and venture capital investments for technology companies.




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We are currently looking to fill the following vacant positions.

We have built a semiconductor test development hub and are looking for test development engineers. We offer you the opportunity to develop and code test programs for Automated Test Equipment (ATEs) to test a wide range of products including RF, analogue, mixed-signal and digital devices, SOCs and FPGAs for the automotive, IOT and consumer electronics sectors of the market.

You will get to learn and work on the most advanced ATE platforms Advantest, Teradyne and National Instruments have to offer.


  • Develop and implement test programs on specific ATE platforms
    • Development activities will include test specification analysis, test methodology development,and coding of test programs.
    • Implementation activities include code debug, characterisation of the program with the device, optimisation and the final qualification and release.
  • Work with our customers to introduce new products or increase output of high volume products by developing better tests, enabling multi-site testing or optimising tests in the customers' facilities.
  • Your end-goal is to provide a superior test solution with test coverage that is debuggable, predictable and repeatable.
  • And if you have more than 5 years of experience, your additional role is to train and mentor junior engineers to ensure that the knowledge and expertise you built are passed over to the next generations.


  • BSEE/MSEE degree with 2-20 years’ experience in the semiconductor product or test development field.
  • Ability to reverse engineer code to understand and decipher product specifications and test methods.
  • Ability to understand, debug, modify and improve ATE test programs so knowledge in programming or developing on ATEs is needed. We work with all tester platforms so as long as you’ve driven a big-iron tester from old Tiger/Catalysts to the newer UltraFlexes/Wavescales, we want to hear from you!
  • C++, Python or other scripting languages is a huge plus!
  • Knowledge and experience with analogue/mixed-signal test instruments such as AWG’s, High-speed Digitisers, and serial port PHY instrumentation will help!
  • Addendum: We’ve trained up some experienced system validation engineers to be best-in-class test development engineers so we believe that if you have good fundamentals in electrical engineering, you could be a good candidate if you’re willing to learn.


  • Characterise and optimise ATE hardware and software solutions to meet test coverage, test robustness, and production margin goals on products for network, wireless and set top box markets.
  • Support high volume manufacturing activities covering Wafer Sort (probe test) and Package Test from introduction to testing to sustaining the supply chain.
  • Support capacity expansion.
  • Enhance existing ATE test solutions to maximise test quality and robustness, minimise customer returns and reduce test cost.
  • Customise and optimise ATE test solutions for test repeatability, cost effectiveness, predictable maintenance and productivity.
  • Setup and deploy new test capabilities for new devices.
  • Perform AC/DC and data sheet characterisation across process, operating voltage and temperature to support new product release and low yield improvement.


  • BSEE/MSEE degree with 3-5 years relevant experience in a fast paced semi-conductor manufacturing environment.
  • Advantest V93k or Teradyne Ultraflex platform and VB experience is preferred.


  • Support New Product Introdcution (NPI) activities to bring new products to the market and meet all test quality and cost requirements to meet gross margin targets.
  • Work with customers to debug and release final test and sort programs for a high mix of digital, analog, mixed signal and RF products using state of the art ATEs (Advantest & Teradyne) for high volume production.
  • Debug test hardware for high mix/low volume production.
  • Perform device/data correlation on ATEs.
  • Collaborate with product engineers to conduct low yield analysis and development of test improvement solutions.


  • BSEE/MSEE degree with 8+ years product engineer experience in relevant semiconductor environments with ATEs (Automatic Test Equipment).
  • Have a broad understanding of electrical engineering disciplines specifically in IC manufacturing, test flows and systems.
  • Knowledge of test methodologies for complex digital and mix signal testing is a must.
  • Experience in V93k or UltraFlex systems is an added advantage.


  • Programming using C# in web-based systems including databases.
  • Programming using Java, VB and C++.
  • Graphical programming such as Chart Plotting.
  • Programming for Machine Integration.
  • Designing SQL data architecture.


  • Knowledge in object oriented programming such as C#, C++, Java, ASP.NET.
  • Knowledge in MS SQL Server.
  • Familiar with web based programming and IIS.
  • Knowledge in VB6 and Perl will be advantage.
  • Competent organisational skills and must be detailed oriented.
  • Ability to work effectively with diverse groups of people including engineering and operations staff.
  • Ability to effectively engage in multiple projects at one time.
  • Fresh graduates are welcome.
  • 1-2 years of experience in Manufacturing is a plus.


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